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Organic Chicken Caesar Wrap

Organic Chicken Caesar Wrap

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Our Chicken Caesar wrap is a crunchy, creamy, umami flavour with an irresistable smokeyness that makes this a perfectly delicious on-the-go lunch. 

Ingredients†: flax tortilla wraps* (wheat) [unbleached flour*, brown flax seed*, water, canola oil*, non aluminum baking powder, evaporated cane juice*, sea salt, apple cider vinegar*], Ontario chicken breast*, kale*, Ontario nitrite free bacon [pork*, sea salt, brown sugar, sodium nitrite, natural smoke], Parmesan cheese* (milk) [unpasteurized partially skimmed milk*, salt, lipase, bacterial culture, microbial enzyme], Sea-Zar Dressing* [olive oil*, filtered water, apple cider vinegar*, coconut sugar*, dulse*, unhulled hemp seeds*, garlic powder*, chia seeds*, nutritional yeast, onion powder*, salt, pepper], olive oil*, black pepper*, sea salt.