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Organic Egg Salad Wrap

Organic Egg Salad Wrap

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This brilliant egg salad wrap is a love song to organic eggs. Masterfully prepared, every component is highlighted. From the creaminess of the potato, the crunch of the radish and the zippy flavour of pickled onions, our egg salad is bound in a soft tortilla wrap and ready to be enjoyed. 

Ingredients†: flax tortilla wrap* (wheat) [unbleached flour*, brown flax seed*, water, canola oil*, non aluminum baking powder, evaporated cane juice*, sea salt, apple cider vinegar*], potatoes*, radish*, egg*, spinach*, mayonnaise* [expeller pressed soy/and or canola oil*, whole eggs*, egg yolks*, filtered water, honey*, distilled white vinegar*, sea salt, mustard* (mustard) (distilled vinegar*, water, mustard seed*, salt, spices*), lemon juice concentrate*], pickled onions [apple cider vinegar*, onions*, raw cane sugar*, sea salt*, black pepper*], dried dill*, olive oil*, sea salt*.