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Tahini Falafel Wrap

Tahini Falafel Wrap

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Crispy falafel are are paired with cool, creamy flavours of tahini sauce and hummus, they even come with the sideshow of pickled onions and a fresh twist of parsley! Nothing tastes better than eating a Tahini Falafel Wrap on a busy summer afternoon in Toronto.

Ingredients: flax tortilla wrap* (wheat) [unbleached flour*, brown flax seed*, water, canola oil*, non aluminum baking powder, evaporated cane juice*, sea salt, apple cider vinegar*], quinoa*, falafel [chickpeas, fava beans, canola oil, parsley, onion, garlic, coriander, cumin, salt, baking soda], tomatoes*, hummus* [chick peas, tahini, filtered water, sunflower oil, garlic, citric acid, sea salt], pickled onions* [water, apple cider vinegar*, onions*, raw cane sugar*, sea salt*, black pepper*], Tahini Dressing [almond-cashew yogurt (tree nuts extract* {water, almonds*, cashews*}), non-GMO corn starch, natural flavours, chicory inulin, citric acid, tricalcium phosphate, carob bean gum, xantham gum, cinnamon, live non-dairy bacterial culture (lactobacillus acidophilus), water, tahini*, olive oil*, canola oil*, lemon juice*, sea salt, garlic*], parsley*, za’atar spice [ground dried wild thyme, roasted sesame seeds, sumac, sea salt], cumin*, hot sauce* [ghost peppers, habanero peppers*, apple cider vinegar*, carrots*, onions*, garlic*, herbs and spices*, sea salt], sea salt.