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Tempeh Club Wrap

Tempeh Club Wrap

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We are officially in love with our Tempeh Club Wrap. We upgraded one of our most popular Recipe Kits, the Avocado Tempeh ‘BLT’ with Tomato & Cheeze to a Ready-to-Eat wrap that is now available daily! Our smokey tempeh provides a wonderful structure in contrast to the mouthwatering avocado and cheese sauce's creaminess and the freshness of tomato and lettuce, making this a fan favourite to omnivores and vegans alike.  

Ingredients†: tempeh* (soy) [soybeans*, filtered water, rhizopus cutlture], flax tortilla wrap* (wheat) [unbleached flour*, brown flax seed*, water, canola oil*, non aluminum baking powder, evaporated cane juice*, sea salt, apple cider vinegar*], avocado*, tomato*, CheeSauce* [olive oil*, water, hemp seeds*, nutritional yeast*, apple cider vinegar,* onion powder*, sundried tomatoes*, garlic powder*, sea salt, turmeric*], kale*, olive oil*, tamari* (soy), maple syrup*, lemon juice*, garlic*.